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God is BIGGER than your circumstances

Encouragement for the Day: Today, take a moment to Be Still. God is BIGGER than your circumstances. I know the circumstances seem very scary right now, but I want to encourage you with this…There isn’t anything too hard for God. … Continue reading

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What to do when your heart is overwhelmed?

In life there are times when you feel as if things have caved in on you. You prayed, you prayed some more, but you are still faced with the same situations. You may wonder why keep praying? There are some … Continue reading

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The Greatest Love of All (Excerpt From the Book- Believe Again, Daily Words to Inspire, Restore, and Renew Hope, Written By: Shontel Thomas)

There is no greater love than the love of God. The love of God destroys all fear. His love is so strong that even when you think about becoming fearful, His love will encamp you. He will let you know … Continue reading

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Posture of Prayer-Sustaining Strength

Many of you are faced with different situations that seems to be weighing you down. You are saying Lord this heavy. I want to encourage you today that God is going to lift the burden that you feel. You will … Continue reading

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Your Life Matters- Suicidal Warning Signs- Resources for Help

Lord I pray for all those dealing with depression and feel hopeless. Lord renew their hope and give them peace in their mind. Lift the burden and heaviness they feel. I pray that they will not end their life. I … Continue reading

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