God is Preparing You, Even When it Does Not Seem Like It

God sees and He knows what you are going through. One day in 2010, I sat and began to reflect on some things in my life. I did not understand why I had to be diagnosed with Multiple Scelerois, why I loss my job the same month I was diagnosed. I was struggling financially and it felt like my world was turned upside down, actually it wasn’t just a feeling; it was my reality. It was turned upside down. I began to cry out to God. I had so many emotions going on inside of me. I was angry, scared, sad, and confused. I even felt numb at times like I could not even express or explain how I was feeling. I just plain out right did not understand.

 During this time, God sent someone to remind me of a dream that I had for years. The dream was to publish an inspirational devotional book. I wrote the content for the book years ago, but I did nothing with it because I did not know about publishing and I did not have the money to get book publish. Therefore, I put the Dream on the shelf. It is so interesting how God works, He waited until I was in one of the darkest moment in my life to have me birth a Dream. What is interesting is that God had me at my old job for only 3 months, then I became ill, diagnosed with Multiple Scelerois and then laid off. God had me at the job just long enough where I will connect with one of the supervisors, he introduce me to the health and wellness business and he became my business partner. Not only did he become my business partner, he told me that his wife was a publisher. It still did not click for me because I still thought to myself I cannot afford to oublish my book. Well, well,well God had another plan. God waited until I was at low point to show me how He can birth a Dream even in a dark place. He showed me that there was nothing too hard for Him and He is still in control. He sent my business partner wife who is a publisher to remind me not to give up on my dream and that I will give birth to my dream. Not only did I publish my book, Believe Again Daily Words to Inspire, Restore and Renew Hope in 2010. I also, launch my business Impacting Dreams Services that provides life coaching, counseling, and counsulting.

I share this testimony to encourage you to Not to Give Up!!!! Even when you do not see things happening how you plan, God still has a plan and He will bring it to pass.

One June 9, 2010, I received the proof of my book in the mail. It was released August 3, 2010. However, on June 9, 2010. I sat and reflected. This is what I said to God:

Oh Lord my God how I love and praise your name. I would not have thought that out of my pain you will birth a dream. You get all Glory. This is all for your glory to be revealed. It doesnt feel good or make sense when going through it and still going through it, but You will get all the Glory. It is no goodness of my own, but it is by your grace.

Now, I want to encourage with these words. Every experience, every pain develops and builds you. Ohhhh I know that it does not feel good. Ohhh how I know you wish and pray that things will change and you will be taken out of the situation. There are times when it does change instantly then there are times it is a process and then there are times when it does not change. What do you do when it does not change? Job lost everything, but even in that He said yet will I trust Him.

Job 13:15 New King James Version (NKJV) Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him…

You may even say, My God My God why have you forsaken me, you may cry out. He says to you I have not forsaken you. He will never you nor forsake you. Take His yoke upon you for His yoke is easy and His burden is light. I know it is painful right now. But know this you shall Live and not die. God has come that you may have life and have it more abundantly. The trials and test of your faith worketh patience and let patience have its perfect work.

What God is doing is bigger than you. You have purpose, destiny, ministry, a dream, a business, a book, an album all in you. Don’t worry how it is all going to come together, but know that it will come together. Don’t worry how and where the people will come from just know that they are coming. Don’t worry about how the money will come, be faithful to God it is coming. He will give you favor. Do not worry about the format of the book just write, do not worry about the location for your business, just write the vision, mission, business plan; God will open up a door of opportunity. God has all the connections you need, trust Him even through your tears and uncertainity.

God is preparing you even now. Do not despise the days of small beginnings.


Believe Again!




About impactingdreams

Shontel Thomas is a motivator at heart, in word and deed. She is an Author, her first book entitled Believe Again, Daily Words to Inspire, Restore, and Renew Hope was released August 2010; after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at the beginning of 2010. Shontel is a survivor, worshiper, servant and intercessor that seeks after the presence of God. Shontel serves in ministry as an Deacon at Abundant Life Family Worship Church in New Brunswick, NJ. She is a Licensed Therapist that specializes in working with women children and families, mental health, substance abuse, and victims of childhood trauma. Currently, Shontel is in a Doctoral Program to obtain her PhD in Counseling Studies. In 2010, she also decided not to give up on her passion to empower others. Therefore, she became the Founder of Impacting Dreams Services. Impacting Dreams Services seeks to Impact Dreams through Financial, Spiritual, Emotional, Social and Educational Empowerment. As a Therapist, Entrepreneur, Motivator, Author, and Life Coach, she helps people be empowered to live out their dreams. “I believe that dreams are possible. Each person has a purpose and destiny. There are things in life that have kept people in bondage financially, spiritually, emotionally, and socially. However “Now is the Time” to break free and live out your Dreams. It is Time to Believe Again”!
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2 Responses to God is Preparing You, Even When it Does Not Seem Like It

  1. shavonne fields says:

    Shontel, i want to say thank you so much, for allowing God to use you… I really needed to hear some good news. Although i used to find it strange when someone was going thru, i would find my answer from their situation. But after a while i realized that God didnt allow so many of people to be upon one another and be without purpose… Thank you again so much..

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